Monday, October 19, 2009


A newborn baby with umbilical cord still attached found abandoned by a cleaner in a mosque.

A newborn baby found wrapped in a plastic bag found dead by a school worker.

Remnants of a newborn baby found floating in the river.

A newborn baby found wrapped in clothes and with insect bite marks all over the body found abandoned under a tree.

Why all these have to happen in Malaysia? Where have humanity gone to?

In a nutshell, all these are the result of free sex among couples. Too much emphasis on sexual activities on electronic media, be it tv, cds, etc.

Teenagers are allowed to mix too freely irrespective or times of day or night, without close parental supervision and guidance.

I have seen teenagers loitering in towns, at junctions without any regard to the time, as if their parents do not care or want to know where they are.

I remember those days when we were teenagers, it was an unwritten rule that we all have to be back home before maghrib (dusk prayers). Failing to do so will result in us getting spanked or at least scolded by our parents.

Raising up children is more than just giving them food, clothing, money or sending them to school.Children need more than that - they need guidance, supervision, teaching, educating from their parents.

Or else, it will be just like raising cattle in feedlots!

One great thing lacking now is the community's responsibility in the upbringing of children.

People now are becoming too individualistic so much so that they take great offence when one of their neighbours remind their children for doing something wrong.

Teachers are attacked for punishing children for their misdeeds. Those days teachers are asked by parents to do whatever necessary to educate and teach their children, as long as no bleeding or scar formation!

The boy-friend girl-friend phenomena are to blame too for this. The sights of young couples necking, kissing and groping in public places, without even the decency of feeling embarassed to the passing-by crowd are just too much.

A girl will feel out of place, a nerd if she did not have a steady boy-friend and vise versa. Some parents are just welcoming this practice which in reality is not our culture at all.

We all are Asians...Asians have high moral values...more so among us Muslims. We are forbidden to even getting close to zina (extra-marital sex)let alone free sex.

We parents and children should go back to basics - respects our parents, children and remain strict to our religion and cultures.

Phornographic materials should never be allowed into one's house in whatever circumstances.

I have seen many incidents of incests resulting from viewing too much phornographic materials at home.

Respect the sanctity of marriage as a mean of propagating human race. Never allow 'living together' as commonly practised in the West to ever exist here.

Love our children as much as we love them when they were born right up to the time when they become adults. Give them proper guidance and education.

Do not spend too much time on chasing the worldly materials.

Revive the big family concept in a village and residential areas so that we look after our children as a common responsibility.

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