Friday, October 2, 2009


I was used to hearing old folks (most of them have passed away) telling this and that we should do and not do.

I don't know how much these old folks sayings are true in these days and times, but I just want you to stop a while and ponder about them one by one.

I'll give you a few examples.

1. Never sit on a pillow or else you'll have a boil - well I guess this is a diplomatic way of saying that it is rude and almost disrespectful to sit on a pillow which we normally use to rest our heads!

2. A single girl singing in the kitchen will marry an old man. How true is this? Perhaps all they wanted is to ensure that girls will concentrate and learn how to cook well.

3. Do not move from a place to a place while having a meal or else you'll have more than one spouse!

4.Do not eat chicken's neck or else your neck will fall over (melentuk) on the wedding chair....just a warning to scare you away from the dangerous bones..or the harm of hormones normally injected in the neck (those days)

5. For those still uncircumsised boys, please stay away from taking gizzards (mempedal) or else your foreskin will be tough to cut! All they were saying was that stay away from the part that was reserved for them!

6. Never tegur (make remarks about) anything strange that you come across or hear, especially in the jungle or at night.

7. When you have started your journey, it is almost a taboo to return home to get something that you have left / forgotten and continue the journey. They belived that you will meet an accident if you continue.

8. For adolescent boys, never eat and drink in succession or else you will lose out during your first night!

9. Crabs caught during full moon nights are not fully is true, but they did not give reason for their observation, they just stopped there. Actually during full moon, it is difficult for the crabs to catch their food!

10. Eat the tail parts of fried fish, you will be good at swimming. They either wanted you to have a safer part (less bone) or they wanted the best part (the hear) to themselves!

Think about. Don't just rubbish them or accept them just like that.

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