Monday, October 26, 2009


Yesterday, for the first time, we were all alone. Just the two of us in the house. It was sort of a training for us to feel and experience what and how is it to live just the two of us in the house.

With Diyana and Syafiq in Klang Valley and Syazwan in Sri Iskandar, normally there are three of us, my wife, Amalia and I.

yesterday Amalia went to a motivational camp over in Rantau Abang. Three top students from each school were selected to join the camp.

In the morning, after my walk to Kg Tuan, I started my day with some gardening works. Donning my track bottom and an old t-shirt and armed with a rake and a parang I started to chop down the old I-have-forgotten-what-tree-they-were in front of our house.

Then I worked my way into the drains and began clearing weeds and other what-nots tree and rubbish in it. The contractor given the responsibility to clean it did not their job well. They were not supervised at all by the MPK officers!

Then came the most physical of them all - to prune the flower tree (again, I did not know its name). It was creeping uncontrollably into another tree and some of its branches overshot the fence.

A brisk-walking neighbour said," Hai ya! So hardworking very early in the morning."

"It is an exercise..." I replied as I began raking in dead leaves from the tree and made a heap of rubbish along the roadside.

I lighted a fire and soon the crispy dried leaves burnt without emanating so much smoke. I guessed I did not do much harm to the ozone layer with that small fire.

Chikgu Hilmi, who happened to drive by, did not think so too.

After sweating it out for almost an hour, I took a long rest in front of television. A refreshing glass of mango juice and freshly prepared scrambled eggs were already waiting for me on the dinner table.

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