Monday, October 26, 2009


Yesterday, after sending Amalia to School, I took a right turn and drove straight to my late aunt's house in Kg Tuan. I have been planning the visit for ages, but failed to do it with my children at home.

It has been my intention to show and tell them where I was actually born and played as a kid.

I parked my car and walked to the house. To my surprise the house was in such a poor condition, dilapidated. It was overgrown with creepers and bushes. The wooden wall was almost collapsed.

There was so much changes in the surrounding that I barely recognised Kg Tuan anymore. The space where I used to practise my high jump was somewhat lost.

The riverbank where I used to collect wild mushrooms and sweet coconut buds was now fenced in and there was a tarred road connectring Kg Injin Gergaji to Kg Tuan and we could drive straight to town using the road.

The old graveyard where I used to climb kelat tree to catch kingfisher's babies was all fenced up, thus hiding the book that I used to catch tiger prawns before.

The all wooden and using no nail surau (little mosque) where my afterbirth was buried, was still there, as strong as ever. In fact, an add on feature was there, perhaps to make more rooms for prayers.

I wonder whether it was still a destination for djinns or not, but I guess not for my hair did not stand on end when I walked near it.

That was my first visit to Kg Tuan. Perhaps later, when all my children come back, I will bring them all there - just to feel the place where their father spent a few years of his childhood life.

Looking at a school girl riding a motorbike with he two siblings at the back, I started my car and slowly left Kg Tuan.

I promised I will take a walk from Kg Injin Gergaji to Kg Tuan and straight to Kg Banggol one of these days.

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