Thursday, October 15, 2009


I do not know exactly how many cars have skidded and spinned at that particular stretch of road. I do not have the exact statistics on that.

But I am sure many cars have just gone through that, more so on rainy days.

The day when my car skidded and spinned, there were seven cars within less than 30 minutes.

Last Sunday when I passed that same stretch of road, I saw four cars suffering from varying degree of damage. It had just drizzled before the accident, I presumed, for the road surface was drying off as I passed through.

Of course, the ever vigilant tow-truck company was always there whenever such accidents occurred. Too punctual and too if pre-planned. As if they already knew that car accidents will soon happen!

It is the notorious so-called S-bend - the 70th KM Karak Highway from KL to Kuantan side, not far from Sg Dua.

While waiting for my police report to be processed, that was at Karak Police Station, just after my last accident, I noticed several things:

1. It took long a time for the IO to come

2. Those making police report of road accident will, almost always, be compounded for "not being able to properly handle their vehicle!!!!"

3. Giggles and chatterings may be taken as there exist a conspiracy between two or more parties (you know who?) leading to such road accidents

4. It is hightime that relevant authorities take effective action to overcome the problem - they can either straighten that particular stretch of road, or paint that rubberized material on the road just to warn drivers of the imminent danger

Driving will always be pleasurable without road accidents.

Roads should always be driver-friendly, safe and risk-free.

Relevant authorities please improve the S-bend.

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Martin Lee said...

I always pass by that stretch, and there are 2 inverted "Z" signs to remind drivers of the crooked road ahead. After reading your 2 articles on the same stretch of road, I exercise extra care whenever I approach that section either from KL To Kuantan or from Kuantan back to KL. I experienced a few times raining started all the way to Karak just after the Temerloh rest area, it is a rain prone area. I always stop to take a break either to the toilet or fill up my tank. Night time 8pm driving that stretch is always dangerous especially when it rains.

If some parties conspire to create accidents, that is just too much and we should expose them because life is at stake!

Anyway, it is always useful to read your blog! Thanks