Monday, October 26, 2009


In many things, management in particular, we are too inclined in following, quoting words of the so-called gurus from the West.

We believe too much in what they say, take for granted that the principles brought forward by these gurus are 100% true and applicable here.

We borrowed many of their ways and in so doing, leaving the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his close friends.

We gloat in our success. We are somewhat forced to sell and almost boastful at that, at our success.

Our appraisal and evaluation systems are based on this. We have to tell and show people what we have done. We become almost a show-off, bragful even in our achievement.

Remember our proverb that says: Be like a padi, keep low even when it is heavy with rice grains and not like lalang (Imperata cylinderica) standing tall show-offishly even though with nothing!?

I knew a man, a great man, very few men greater than him in any achievement in his field. He is a fellow Malaysian himself. Malaysian law and constitution was just at the back of his hand.

But, unlike many others whose achievement paled against his, he kept a very low profile, talked only when asked. For his greatness, a faculty was named after him - AIKOL.

Even after many years of his passing, people still remember him, talked about him and his achievements, including his involvement in Natrah's case.

Who was he?

He was non other than arwah (the late) Professor Ahmad Ibrahim!

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