Monday, October 19, 2009


She was always smiling whenever I stopped by her food stall in Sri Kemunting.

Always customer friendly, she had even allowed Syazwan and his rugby chums to have lunch and dinner there without paying cash. All they had to do was to write in 555 book!

For two years I was her loyal customer. My favourites were plain (without a shred of vege) fried noodle and an egg or saled fish friend rice.

An SMS from Ahmad Zainal really shocked me. Kak Timah was found dead in her house with evidence of being robbed and suffocated to death.

It sickened me to know such a fine lady being victimised such way. All of us have to look after the safety of our family. We just cannot depend on others.

Sometimes I wonder what is happening to our beloved Malaysia. Crime is everywhere and it is no more safe, even in our own house!

To Kak Timah are my prayers that you will be blessed by Allah and to her family, please be patient and redho for Allah greatest test.

To the criminal, the murderer, may you receive the punishment of Allah for the crime you did.

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