Thursday, October 8, 2009


Just before the Japanese occupation, my late aunt (Mak Long Hawa) and family lived in Kok Lanas, Kelantan following her husband who was an anti-malaria worker there.

Despite of her very small physical stature (petite), she amazed us all when she told us that she, out of desperation for her family's safety, walked all the way from Kok Lanas to Rembau, just to get away from the marauding Japanese soldiers.

I have forgotten how many months she took to complete the arduous journey. She told me that she had to endure it all just to reach Rembau. Friends advised her to just stay put and lie low in hiding and waited it out till after the war.

But she was very adamant of going home to Rembau, to be with her mother and other siblings.

I don't know much about her epic journey. Had no opportunity to ask her when she was still with us.

All that most of us knew is that she surprised her mother and siblings when she arrived home alone!

She was so distraught that she forgot many things that had happened. Two or was it three of her darling daughters persihed in the long walk. They were buried somewhere in Jabor, Kemaman.

How I wish that one day I will go down to Jabor and began searching for their graves.

In her life she rarely mentioned about her daughters. Perhaps the trauma was too great for her.

We pray that she will meet her daughters later, in the hereafter world.

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