Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I was shocked to see how people could kill people just because they were of different religious beliefs. I just could not believe how former neighbours and friends turned into blood-thirsty savages.

I am talking about the Srebrenica holocaust. For the past week I have been watching the Discovery programme over and over again just to try to grasp the mass killing.

Various huge graves were discovered all over the country by the UN investigating team. Hundreds of bodies were unearthed and identified. In the clothing of many they found miniature Qurans indicating that they were mostly Muslims.

From a surviving victim who had played dead and lived with the dead bodies for 48 hours in an abandoned factory, a grim mass killing was reported. The starving Bosnian Muslims were herded lke animals into the factory.

Then they fired grenades and machine guns into the sardine-packed Bosnians. Remains of blood drippings and human tissues were still there on the walls. When all were killed they used bulldozers to scoop up the dead bodies and brought to several graves to be buried.

The investigators found many of the long bones of the victims cut by the bulldozers. Concrete chips were also found among the dead bodies - vital evidence of the mass killing in the factory.

Sadly, US spy planes had caught the Serbs doing the horrendous war crimes on films but did nothing to stop it, till very late.

In Srebrenica mosques were destroyed and so were Muslims.

It was not only the Serbian military who did the killings, the police, the para-military and even some Serbian villagers, civilians were also involved in the brutal murders.

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Martin Lee said...

It is extremely dangerous to mix politics and religions. Religious discrimination or manipulation and race cleansing are both heinous crimes. All these should serve as warnings to unscrupulous politicians and the population at large to take heed and avoid this from happening again in any part of the world. But history always repeats itself and we human beings always have short memories. When come to people trying to instil hatred amongst races and of different religious belief, the ISA should be enforced to put a stop to this, though the ISA was abused for the self interest of many politicians in the past.