Monday, December 14, 2009


He had finished his hypertension and diabetes pills for sometimes now. I could not bring him to see doctor for his supply of medicines because there was no one strong enough to carry him.

Yesterday, we brought him to Kemaman Hospital. Syazwan was there to help carry his grandfather. He carried him with ease from the bed into the car and from the car into the hospital's wheelchair.

To my surprise, the registration counter's staff were extraordinarily complying to the boldly written hospital client's charter. Without me having to ask for my father to be given the priority, the two ladies called me and gave the next number to my father!

Soon after that my father's name was called to room 2. I immediately pushed him to the room.

A lady uttered words that made me nearly lost my temper. She mumbled something to her daughter complaining of my father's straight entry into room 2.

I just continue pushing my father into the room and twice gave her a look that was self-explanatory - "Shut up!"

My father's blood pressure was 184/77 and blood glucose was 8.4.

In room 5 my father was seen by a Assistant Medical Officer. We discussed my father's problem. He prescribed a three-month supply of hypertension and diabetes medication.

In the pharmacy unit, again my father was given the next number. Everything was completed before ten! The fastest that I have ever experienced. Congratulation Hospital Kemaman!

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