Thursday, December 31, 2009


Syazwan gets it. He was offered to do a QS degree after completing three semesters of QS Diploma.

He was very excited thinking of graduating at the age of 22 as he accepted the offer.

Suddenly he was very busy getting things ready for the coming semester. At first he was told that he will have to stay outside campus and he was busy looking for a house. In fact he has even paid for the deposit.

Then his friend told him that he will remain in the college. Oh he is so very lucky.

Now he realizes how his co-curricular activities have helped him in this aspect.

Come 4 January he will be joining second semester QS Degree programme. He will have to move to Shah Alam Campus the next semester though. He is not worried about next semester as Acap, his close rugby buddy will be there this semester and is reserving a room for him then.

Acap will be doing Degree in Sports management over in Shah Alam. In Sri Iskandar, Kordi will be joining first semester Diploma in Interior Design.

It looks like them rugby chums will be successful academically after all. Who says rugby and studying do not mix?

Diyana is also ecstatic for she has just got her laptop and internet connection. We are very happy for her for now she gets what she has been aiming for - a legal post in PETRONAS.

Now she is a Legal Executive in Malaysian National Liquefied Gas Company. So very proud of her.

Syafiq has started work over in the KL Tower Pony Ride centre. Last few days he was bitten by a centipede and he had to receive an injection to stop the pain and swelling.

Amalia went to her school registration today. She will start her Form two this Sunday.


Melissa said...

You must be so very proud. You have raised a tremendously wonderful family.

azahar said...

Thank you Melissa. Indeed, we are blessed by God with wonderful children....

Kakak said...

abah, it's malaysia liquified natural gas :P huhu