Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Diyana started her first day in PETRONAS MNLG on 21 December 2009. Her office or rather cubicle is in level 55 Tower 1. As excited as ever, she narrated her first day experience just as I arrived home after a very long day."I'll go for a technical familiarization visit to Bintulu early next year. You know, many things here in MNLG are Greek to me."

Syafiq tore his ankle ligament as he fell down the horse and got his leg dangling on the stirrup. A tour bus driver honked his bus and this caused the horse Syafiq was riding to free-wheel. The driver laughed as Syafiq fell down.

This angered Syafiq who walked to him and gave him a piece of his mind. Luckily a Policeman was there to stop a possible brawl between them two.

Syafiq's foot was put on plaster of Paris and he was given a 6-day medical leave. He then took the next day's bus to Kuantan.

Over in Ipoh, Syazwan was frustrated or rather fed up with his Pahang rugby team's management. He just could not believe how Bulat had changed, from an understanding and motivational coach just a week before, to a dictatorial, blaming and demotivating coach.

The team lost all except against Perlis where he tried the second try. It was expected, he said. What could be expected of a team who had just two days of centralized training and that kind of mismanagement?

The mismanagement started with the way they travelled to Ipoh. There was no bus or van arranged. They had to travel there by private cars!

Then the hotel they were staying. They stayed in a budget and unknown hotel in Medan Gopeng and to make things worst, food was on their own!

As for me, the milk-disposing fiasco was a stressful episode. I had to put on two different hats, the state's and the department's hat. Of course I had to defend the farm's action, but at the same time not to blemish the department's name.

All in all that was one of the busiest week for us.


Karim Omar said...

Tell us more above the milk dumping. We want to hear the real story.

azahar said...

Milk dumping has been occurring since I first joined service way back in 1982, that was in Terengganu.

But then the dairy farmers were not affected as we paid them when we received their milk at our numerous milk collecting centres (MCC - now they are called PPIT).

It has also happened when I was in Malacca and Perak.

In this case, the company has to bear the losses as it sends their milk directly to the processing company.

The problem is more of business things. The milk processing companies have their own priorities. They have contracts with foreign milk suppliers and they have limited storage and processing capacities.

When their storage tanks are full, they will somehow find means to reject our milk.

I think it is time that we, consumers, start to love and give preference to our own locally produced milk over imported milk.

It is time that we should insist that labels indicating how many % of local milk is in the packages. Consumers then should reject anything less than 50% or more of local products.


Martin Lee said...

Our country will run out of oil and gas within the next 5-10 years, it sounds alarming but I believe it is just a matter of time! This will severely affects all of us inclusive of employees of oil and gas companies.

Also read what I had written a short note on this: