Friday, December 4, 2009


It is quiet again in Syakirin's Villa. With the rain things are quieter, much quieter than before.

Diyana is already in Petronas Training Centre in Bangi. She was excited when she saw the WELCOME PETRONAS EXECUTIVES welcoming banner when she visited the place the night before the training started.

Syafiq followed his sister to KL though he will only start work in his new hotel this 15 December.

Syazwan is now in Kuantan, busy training for the Pahang seven rugby open tomorrow. For now he and five of his rugby chums stay in his friends house in Kempadang. His senior from SMK Gunung Rapat aka Field species, arrived early this morning from Ipoh to strengthen the team.

So now there are only three of us in the house. Life is getting much slower...

Tomorrow, once again I will be the loyal supporter of Syazwan's team in Kemunting field. Hope (though very slim) it will not rain continuously tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness we have come a long way in waste disposal since those days. Have a nice weekend.