Thursday, December 31, 2009


Tears nearly flowed out of my eyes as I saw two beautiful magpie robin dead bodies just outside the gate.

They have been catapulted to death by naughty kids. I was angry, very angry at this unnecessary killings of beautiful birds.

I think I know who the culprits were. I have seen them around a few times, with sling shots in their hands, under trees looking for birds to shoot at.

Once I saw they successfully shot an innocent yellow-vented bulbul. The bird fell down dead before it even knew what hit it. The boys picked the dead bird up and threw it into the drain, just like that, without any feeling of remorse or guilty.

Shooting birds was also my passion when I was a kid. But then I shot them to eat, but not to waste them like that. I choose what bird species to shoot at. I normally shot pink-necked pigeons for their sweet flesh. But I stopped shooting birds as I got into higher grades. I fell in love looking and admiring them instead!

So boys, please stop shooting birds with your sling shot. Stop killing just for the sake of killing. Birds too need to live in this beautiful world of ours.

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