Thursday, December 31, 2009


My Moringa trees, that I had mercilessly cut last week, have been very busy sprouting new leaves. Now, out of the four-foot stems emerge new lives, very healthy looking leaves, all ready for the picking for making nutritious soup or omelettes!

They had been growing upwards like anything for the past year. They had reached a height of nearly thirty feet before I decided to rejuvenate them. Their leaves have been getting smaller and smaller in both size and density. So one evening, with a parang I went chopping them off.

Well, I have been very passionate about Moringa of late. I was very much saddened by the tragic demolition of nearly 5,000 Moringa trees just planted in Bukit Kajang by a group of marauding wild boars and monkeys.

First the wild boars came and only nibbled at the young shoots. Then they came again, this time they up-rooted all trees to get at the very succulent roots!

The monkeys added to the damage by also up-rooting them.

Back to my garden, last few nights we wre puzzled by a sweet romantic fragrance emanating from somewhere. My wife traced the aroma and much to her surprise she found a strange-looking flower coming out of a plant.

The plant has never borne a flower before and we also have never seen any of that plant flower before.

I will try to post the picture of the flower later.

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