Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Terengganu students are very lucky. They are given monetary assistance (RM750 for a Diploma student and RM1000 for degree) before they register.

Yayasan Terengganu is given the responsibility to do so. They do it very well.

Yesterday I went there for a second time, to get the money for Syazwan. All you have to do to get the money is to fill in the pink form (easily available at YT outlets), get your are's Pengerusi JKKK and ADUN/MP signatures, photo copies of the student's birth certificate and ic's of the student and the parents and University's offer letter.

Parents must be Terengganu folks, of course.

Syazwan received his money twice, once when he was registering for his sDiploma and now for his degree.

What amazed me was the way YT handled the crowd. For me, I just had to wait 40 minutes before Syazwan received his money, in cash!

YT is so brave to keep that much cash in the desk of the financial officer!

A hat off to both YT and Terengganu government!

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