Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Tomorrow will be the last day of 2009. What have we done in 2009 and what are we will be doing in 2010?

No, I don't mean workwise. Forget about work for a minute. Get work out of the system for a moment.

Think about yourself for a change. No, I never ask you to count how much money or material properties you have collected over the years. I am not asking you to list down your successes and failures either.

All I am asking is what have you done for yourself? Where are you going, finally?

Are you ready for that day? Have you done enough for yourself to make sure that you get there and not the other place?

Well, I know all these while you are the man as far as deadlines are concerned. You are always on time as far as assignments are concerned.

But what about that day and the hereafter? Have you packed enough goodness for you to be able to enter the place?

Look into yourself tonight. How many more days you have? 5, 10, 15, 20 more years? How many more do you have on Earth?

You are no immortal, like Ben Richards of the Immortal series.

You are getting old. You are getting frailer by the second.

You are going to die any day now. May be not today, tomorrow or the day after..but for sure you are...

You will leave all that you have gathered behind...You will bring along nothing except your good and bad deeds...and may be your good children who will pray for you...your properties that you have donated sincerely...your knowledge that you have passed on...

Get ready! Do not say that I have not warned you...

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