Thursday, December 24, 2009


Yesterday I found a photo of me with jet black moustache and beard. I showed it to Amalia and she instantly said,"So young!".

Yes, just after 15 years all those black hair, moustache and beard are getting more and more silvery with the passage of time.

In fact now, I mean right now, there are more silver than black on my head and on my chin.

The moustache strangely still has more black hair though.

Some people asked me to put on hennae to get them all black again. I refused.

Why should I lie about my age?

Wish I am still here to see all my hair on the head and on the face are silver.

Now I have, once again sport a beard. Just could not take it any longer - the small cuts every morning after shaving.

I am trying to get it long enough so that I resemble more of a professor when I retire in a few months time and start lecturing...ha ha

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