Wednesday, February 24, 2010


No words can exactly describe how much she has sacrficed for the family. As soon as she wakes up and does her morning prayers, she will dutifully clean the dishes, prepares breakfast for our children and me, iron Amali's school uniform, wash and dry the clothes and the list goes on until she puts her dead-tired body in bed.

She is the best cook in town. Don't believe me? Just ask the children and their cousins. They will tell you nobody can beat her cooking!

Fish head curry, rendang ayam, chilli squid, chilli crab, beriyani rice and the list goes on. She can cook them all.

What amazes many is her way of cooking. She cooks many dishes at one go. So, in an hour she has cooked four or five dishes! When we were in Georgia, neighbours and friends were surprised when I told them she cooked three times a day.

She is very fussy about getting our house clean. She will sweep annd mop the floor everyday, rearrange the furnitures so often and of late she is busy repainting the doors white!

She not only produced beautiful, intelligent and healthy babies but also looked after them very well from babies to now.

Her stamina is beyond my imagination. Though she has asthma, she never seem to stop doing her daily chores to perfection.

I know her services are valueless. No money, no matter how much, can pay all her good deeds to our family.

She is very patient in dealing with me and my ego (especially now) and our garrulous children. Her nagging (especially when she is tired and nobody help her) is understandable.

We have been married for 28 years now and it is still as strong as ever.

So my dear, please accept hugs and kisses from our children and me on your birthday today. Forget about the number, just remember that we all love you
very much and always pray that you will live happily ever after.


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