Friday, February 12, 2010


It looks like peace and tranquility that I hope in the remaining few months does not materialize. I do not want to sound ungrateful for all the blessings that Allah has given me so far. I am just voicing my frustrations.

Imagine, for a big state like Pahang I will soon have only 1 Veterinary Officer to assist me. That too will be fully attached to horse works. Now I have two, but come 11 March one will attend a 9-month long course.

Then, all of a sudden one of my senior officers fell sick. He could no longer do much of his usual works. And he too has just been approved optional retirement.

Works are coming, one after another and all need equally urgent attention. There are 10MP, Rolling Plan 2011-2012, KPI, 5S, ISO, 1 Malaysia, People First, Performance Now zooming in the near horizon.

What more can I do under such physical constraints? It is now just like pulling a cloth that is just too short to cover your body - it does not matter whether you pull up or you pull down, your secret parts will still be exposed!

I am not going to overly stress myself now. Let it flows and let time sees it flows.

The pouring-of-milk-down-the-drain is almost settled. The factory is now begging for the supply of milk. Now it is realized that Jersey cattle's milk is of premium quality. The normal usage of alcohol test as the sole criterion whether the milk is accepted or rejected is unfair.

The illegal planting of oil palm in our permanent poultry production area is still in limbo and I think I will not fight anymore. Let it takes its due course.

Let my remaining days be filled with happiness and good memories. My visits to the districts have been both fruitful and educational. The sight of swiftlets diving in a 60K plus house offered great promise to Mr Baharum of Felda Keratong.

The sight of me wearing a kangaroo skin cowboy hat cleasing the pig house added colour to my life. It brought in calls from friends all over Malaysia. At least they still recognise me.

To Allah I pray that He give me faith, peace, tranquility and excellent health so that I could continue contributing to mankind...Amin!

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