Monday, February 22, 2010


Ramli has been pestering us to visit his Italian garden restaurant in Kemaman Supply Base (KSB) since its opening almost two years ago.

We have been finding excuses all the while. Yesterday we accepted his offer and we were there at 12.30.

The free flowing breeze from the South China Sea was the first to greet us as I parked the car.

The open air concept, the tiled flooring, the rattan sets, the polycarbonate roof, the clean kitchen, the self-explanatory menus and the forever smiling servind crew add flavour to the dishes we ordered.

I ordered BBQ spring chicken and my wife seafood pizza. The chicken, half of it, was so tender that I asked Ramli where did he get his supply of spring chicken.

Juli, Ramli's wife, ordered know the spaghetti with the mushroom sauce....

The food was easily the best we ever had for a long time. Perhaps it was not exaggerating to say that it was indeed a four-star hotel food with a price nobody could complain.

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