Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am so happy to hear that Ministry of Education finally realizes that school sports has lost its sparks and is doing the right thing by making it mandatory for all students to take up at least one game beginning next year.

I sincerely hope that it is not just another empty slogan. It should be effectively enforced.

Personally I have been at war with my children's school for umpteenth's times in the past. I hated it when the school looked down on its rugby players - they labelled them as crooks instead of motivating and encouraging them for their sweat and pains in bringing up the good name of the school.

They only came to the players' side when they became the state champions! No, they never showed up when they were playing their hearts out in the field.

Why? Because they feel that playing rugby will not do the players any good as far as academics was concerned.

Our Syazwan proved them wrong. He scored 6 A1's even though he missed 3 months of school because he had to undergo centralised training and studied only for just three months before SPM!

I again came to the fore when it, believed it or not, wanted to scrape sports science as a subject. I wrote to the NST and everybody in the school was busy searching for the writer of the letter! Most students knew who it was...they were glad that I wrote the letter.

Little that they knew sports improve students' overall personal achievement.

Of late parents are so engrossed with their children scoring straight A's that they lose sight of other soft skills that their children need in life.

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