Thursday, February 18, 2010


Life is more than just doing whatever pleases us. It is also more than just fulfilling our basic needs such as eating, drinking, sleeping, being happy and having sexual relationship.

Being free is everyone's ultimate dream. But believe me complete freedom is not something that you want. It brings chaos, complete the opposite of what we are striving for in the first place.

I will take having sexual relationship as an example. Sexual relationship must be regulated, controlled and disciplined. Many will argue that sexual relationship between consenting adults is okey. It is not!

Sexual relationship should only happen after a man and a woman is legally married, not before, not even after they were engaged or after they fell in love, as thought by many these days.

It is sad to see how some people who called themselves modern and sophisticated place marriage in such a lowly place. They get married only after living together for years and having babies!

To some of these people having sex is just like having breakfast or lunch!

Marriage should once again be respected and valued.

I have seen how family and society crumbles when marriage becomes just a ceremony rather than an institution. I too have seen how children, who were well looked after before, are let loose as soon as they reach puberty.

They are so free that a virgin is looked down and labelled as unpopular and even a nerd among friends.

I never want to see this scenario here: " Summer is approaching. Please get your supply of contraceptives from the university health centre."

But from the news that we all read and see everyday, I am afraid that we are going there if we do not take heed.

Free relationship between members of the opposite sex is the real culprit. It all begins with a simple chat. Then the two of them start holding hands. Little that they know the simple and innocent looking act of holding hands between a girl (woman) and a boy (man) who is not muhrim can lead to zina (illegal sex).

Strange as it may seem, now there are parents who encourage their children to have boy-friends or girl-friends and openly allow them to go out unchaperoned.

We have to go back to the basics. Follow the teachings of our religion closely. See that our culture is adhered to and stop the influence of the Western world from polluting our young ones.

Love has to be redefined. A man never really loves a woman when he coaxes and seduces a woman into illegal sex. A man who really cares about the woman he is in love with, should take care of his woman and preserves her virginity and purity.

A woman should also maintain her self-esteem and be strong enough to refuse herself being the object of lust of an irresponsible man. Preserve your most valuable crown.

Only when a man really loves and respect a woman the issue of innocent babies disposed and murdered that is occuring regularly of late will stop.

Parents should teach their children to respect the opposite sex, not to abuse them, from small.

Never make marriage very difficult for their children. Help them whenever their time of marriage comes.

Observe and respect marriage if we want our coming generation to be pure and healthy.

Remember, we are here for a purpose. Not just to live aimlessly, doing whatever we like. Not everything that we like is good for us. Just like food, some food items that are bitter are medicinal!

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