Friday, February 19, 2010


I can't help but laugh whenever I recall how I was completely computer-blind when I started my MSc in UGA.

Still remember how Randy personally taught me Words and how I struggled to finish my papers to be published in Avian Diseases and Avian Pathology.

"Here, you've to do your own report. Everybody types his own report here," Randy told me.

Actually I had a computer in Malacca, but I was too scared to give it a try and so I depended mostly on my assistants in as far as computer works are concerned.

But that was then, now I am quite ok with computer. I have long since then fallen in love with the computer, especially The Internet. I can't work without Internet now.

Internet has helped me a lot both in my work as well as my social life. It has helped me find many of my long lost friends.

Here are some examples of the interesting re-unions achieved so far, at least in the cyber world:

1. One day a lady called me up. She was a successful CEO of a company. She has read one of my entries that told the story of her brother, Malek Ahmad, who was drowned in Sg Bill, Tanjung Malim. She told me that she was still a baby when his brother died and asked me to tell her more about her brother. So she arranged a meeting where I narrated all that I knew to her. She cried openly at the end of my story.

2. Then I remember my lecturer, Dr Collin Basset. I searched for him. Nobody replied at first. A few weeks later, a veterinarian from Hong Kong answered and told me that Dr Bassett had passed away a few years back.

3. There was this one girl by the name of Hasnani Saad that I had been trying to find since I first arrived in SDAR many many years ago. My search never bore fruit until only recently. That day as usual, I yahooed her name and there it was...Datin Hasnani Saad, an office bearer of Custom Officer Association. I quickly contacted the webmaster and he confirmed that she was the one that I was looking for and he was good enough to give me her hp number. I called her and had quite a long chat.

4. A girl read my story of how nine of us from SK Pusat were selected to study in boarding schools. She immediately called her mom when she saw her mom's name was in my story: "Ma, your friend your name in his story..." With that I once again was reunited with Aminah Nazifah, Sharipah Aminah and Wan Esah....

Those are some of the examples why I just can't live without the Internet....

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