Friday, February 12, 2010


Once there was a freshwater well near a beach. Its water was always fresh (tawar) despite of its vicinity to the sea.

This is nothing strange if you care to look around you. I have read how Jacques Cousteau, the legendary French diver, was amazed when he came face to face with a stream of freshwater deep in the ocean he was diving in.

Later he told his friend about his strange finding. His friend then told him that this phenomenon was clearly described in the holy book Quran. Cousteau then read the verses and some said that he converted because of this.

Fishermen passing by the area would stop there to collect fresh water for their long fishing. But there was a catch. Anyone collecting the freshwater must, I repeat must, tie a knot before leaving the well.

Any knot would do. Usually they did it with the leaves, twigs or grass blades found nearby.

Failing to do so, one would not find one's way back. In other words, one would be lost.

For this reason, the well is called knot well (Telaga simpul).


Martin Lee said...

Heard that Munshi Abdullah was once traveled to this knot well

Bagman and Butler said...

I came to your post because I was caught by your comment on another post about the sucker fish being called the Town Council Fish...and then read this and some of your older blogs. Particularly about losing resources for veteranary work. I work in the alcohol and drug treatment field and also face having to do more and more with less and less. Thank you for good words.