Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I am surprised that there are still people out there (filthy rich perhaps) so gullible and easy to release their money to clear cut crooks.

Take the various lottery scams. I remember I first received a congratulatory note from an International Lottery Board saying that I had won 8 million Euros worth of prize money.

Curious, I replied. They said that yes I had won the first prize.

Then I said,'Please deposit the money into my so and so account.'

Then the lady said: 'Sir, you have to pay 5% for processing."

You know how much 5% of 8 million Euros? Plenty of money to me.

"Can't you just deduct the money from my winning?"

"No Sir, it is gainst the law to do so."

"Ok, I'll give you 10% if you just deduct it from my money."

Then she gave up. I am too difficult to negotiate or bamboozle.

But, out there somewhere, a man willingly paid that 5% processing money. That was the last he saw the money!

Then came the various schemes that need money to be advanced to the schemers. Take the leech, the earthworm, the lemon grass and the feedlot schemes.

Please take care of your money. Do not invest in places that are nice to listen but difficult to believe.


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azahar said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping in. Feel free to read and give your comments, in English or Bahasa please!

HS Wong said...

The first comment is a spam. You should delete it. It is the latest in 'spammology' and I have been having lots lately too.
If you click on one of the 'dots', you will end up with lots of 'unsavory' sites.