Friday, February 12, 2010


They say luxury makes people selfish. I will add by saying that too much money in the bank coupled with loving them too much (that's stingy, ok) make people arrogant.

They also say it is holier to give rather than to accept, but it is very much holier if the giver gives sincerely without having to talk, write or telling people about it.

And holier still if the giver keeps quiet and not incessantly reminding the receiver to pay back in public!

People with the right attitude and frame of mind knows when to pay or when to settle their debt.

There are reasons for people not to do so. Reasons like not having enough money to go around or there are much more pressing matters to settle, etc etc.

Money is so elusive to many...the more you chase after them the harder to have and keep it. But there are people who have and keep money as if they are the only people who have it. They have excess money or rather disposable money.

Digressing a bit, it is also a lot holier if people trusted to keep someone else's money keep it safely rather than use it freely as if it is one's own. Worst still lend it to some relatives without first informing the owner.

I have met all kinds of people in this life. People who are kind, sympathetic and understand other people's needs.

I have also met some people who forget many things. Forget the very people who have helped them in the past. Forget about the good deeds that other people have done when they were in difficulties.

It is fascinating how fast people forget when they have accumulated material wealth. These people even suddenly lose memory of their own flesh and blood when it comes to money.

Remember, we are not going to bring along all the money that we have accumulated, but people's prayers are the things that we really need once we are there.


Martin Lee said...

I had in my earlier years given a chance to a guy while I was in a position to give business to him while he still owned a small and crude workshop. Because of that he eventually became a millionaire with a big factory set up. Later part, he thought he was so good and become so arrogant, and we hardly even talk!

Many people forget who they were, it is not they are really that good in business but rather someone else give them a chance!

azahar said...

That's how some people 'lupa daratan'...forget that they were once not that rich...

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