Thursday, February 11, 2010


Syafiq came back. As usual, he came back a little bit out of return-home season for our other children.

Besides the Mohican's hairdo, he also brought along with him his much-talked-about pet - the five-foot Burmese phyton his friend gave him.

Just before he came home, he had pestered his uncle, Kamal, to prepare an aquarium for his snake. Like always, Kamal obliged.

Syafiq made us all winced in disbelief when he told us that just one day before he had fed his snake a kitten. The kitten had dirtied the corridor by its feces and vomitus, so often that on that day he could not take it any longer.

He grabbed the kitten and passed it to the hungry snake. It quickly grabbed it and squeezed and crushed the poor animal within its strong coil of death. The kitten became its dinner that night!

No, kittens are not the normal diet of his pet snake. White mice were its normal diet.

I told him to give the snake a sun bathe reptiles normally need. The snake looked happy absorbing the energy-rich sunlight. It stayed motionless in the grass for well over fifteen minutes.

A neighbour ridiculed him by saying:" You big boy still playing with toy snake?"

He was wrong and he realized it when he saw the head moved!

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