Tuesday, February 23, 2010


For the past month or so I have been seeing them, all fresh and green (or was it blue), bein sold both in Chukai wet market and Bijai souq.

I have not seen much of them, let alone consumed them, for a long long time. I thought that they have become extinct, vanished from our sea.

They are the Tamban beluru (Amblygaster leiogaster), the very boney fish that are synonymous with the fish delicacy Terengganu is famous for, keropok lekor (fish rod).

Despite their numerous tiny bones, they are delicious and very crunchy if deep fried to perfection. A coating of chilli will add flavour to deep fried Tamban beluru anytime.

Besides keropok lekor, their flesh is also very useful and tasty if made into fish balls for the famous mee calong (fish ball noodles). Mee calong, if properly prepared, can make you sweat all over.

Their cousin, Tamban sisik, is not as tasty. As its name, it is very scaly and bony too. Its flattened body makes it less fleshy compared to the more plump Tamban beluru.

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