Thursday, April 29, 2010


For, I don't know how many times, again I have to miss our class reunion this coming May 1.

Yes, I know you all may think that I intentionally run away from meeting you all.

No, I swear it is not like that at all. It is just that on that day, Kamal, my brother-in-law is, finally and after going through hard times with her wife-to-be parents, getting married to the love-of-his-life!

As the host, he has been living with us since my in-laws passed away, of course I cannot leave the house. We are expecting his brothers and sisters will all congregate in our house for the occasion.

No, I have not told anyone about this, but Wan Shariff, I know you are reading this, please convey my great regret for again not being able to appear before you all.

He will perform the akad nikah on May 1 and the wedding reception will only be held on June 5 as his future in-laws wish.

Well in just a month time I will be on leave before my retirement. Then, InsyaAllah, may be I can make it more often to our gatherings.


Wan Sharif said...

Will convey your predicament..but do drop a line..make time whenever you are in KL.. when you are a lil bit free we will organise something.. just so that whoever has been missing you can be there to recall the happy times together..

Wan Sharif said...

Conveyed as promised.. put up this on my FB and on Allahyarham S A Rahim's FB.
Kenduri Bacaaan Yaasin dan Tahlil untuk rakan seperjuangan yang mendahului ke RahmatuLLAH Azza Wajalla di Kantino, Ampang Merdeka Villa dimana terletak Ibu Pejabat Kopsdara 6774, Sabtu 1Mei 2010. Sudah 11 sahabat dan rakan seperjuangan dari Sdara6774 meninggalkan kami.. AlFatihah

azahar said...

How many turned up? And may be you should list the names of our friend who have passed away...

Wan Sharif said...

Senarai mererekayang mendahului kita ke RahmatuLLAH :-
Zakaria Md Ludin
Zaki Abidin
Zainal Abidin Shaari
Nawam Abdul
Husin Din
Mustafa Kamal (form Six baru)
Ismail Md Nor
Rahman A Halim
Dr A Manaf
A Razak Ismail
Sheikh Abdul Rahim

The list will grow longer with time I suppose..he, he

Wan Sharif said...

>50 turn up icluding wives and kids, >30 sdaras.. yang datang dari jauh..
Ismail Ahmad dari KB
Husin Hasan & isteri dari Kangar
Nasoha Hashim from Johor
Hozami Abu from batu Pahat
S M Razif from Kuantan
Ramli Musa +keluarga+menantu - Ganu

Turut menyerikan setiap majlis sdara6774.. Tuan Syed Jaafar. Mantan guru besar led the solat..

TSJ also led the tahlil at S A Rahim's house baru baru ini

azahar said...

Arwah Ismail Mohd Noor tu classmate saya semasa darjah tiga di Kg Gajah, Perak...

Sheikh Razif pulak classmate darjah satu di SK Galing, Kuantan...

Kemudian berjumpa pula di SDAR...