Monday, April 5, 2010


There is something special that attracts people to stop and enjoy self-made coffee and toasted bread with kaya spread, among others, at the Hai Peng Kopitiam Kemaman.

Though crowded most of the time, people still come to the joint, to while away time with the family and friends.

We also love to patronize the Kopitiam. Amalia is hooked to the Moca while I just love the toasted bun with telur mata (fried eggs).

Hai Peng Kopitiam and me goes a long long way. I knew the joint since I was in the Primary school, that was way back in the early sixties.

Back then it was just a small wooden coffee shop in its present location. My grand-uncle's house was just a stone's throw away, most probably right smack on the road on the present Chukai's digital t-junction.

That time my grand-uncle's (Tok Ngah Osman) house was a sort of half-way house for the travellers. I remember going to the coffee shop to buy coffee for him. Coffee was normally placed in bottles or just simply ex-condensed-milk-cans then.

Not far from the coffee shop there was a traditional bread-making factory. I remember going there to buy freshly baked or doing barter trading - exchanging nipah ropes with bread!

These nipah ropes were spoilt dried nipah shoot that failed to make it to the standard that was required for making nipah cigarettes wrappers.


Martin Lee said...

I think it is because HaiPeng is famous and also a convenient spot for people to locate and park their vehicles just opposite the shop. This is especially true for tourists to the east coast.

Most of the friends I know especially the local folks, they commented that it is getting too expensive and the taste is just average compared to the older days.
Now it is more commercialized and meant for the outstation guests who pass by and take a break there!

Wan Sharif said...

Oh I do missed coffee dalam chetong(ex-condensed-milk-cans). The service and consistent quality will go far..The other thing that I just learnt is the positive recall.

azahar said...


I know. That is what we have to forgo with changing time and commercialization.

Wan Sharif,

I surely missed roti bata baked traditionally...