Thursday, April 22, 2010


A full-time housewife's job is never finished, that's what the saying goes.

It's true, I fully agree with the statement. Once I told her that I'm exhausted when I arrived home just before eight. Casually she reminded me that I was not alone, meaning that she too was exhausted.

Sometimes I wonder from where she gets the energy and stamina to do so many things everyday throughout her life, or may be until all her children have left the house.

I am talking about my wife and many other wives out there. I am always complaining of being tired, exhausted after arriving home at around seven during weekdays.

But, she on the other hand never complain so. I have seen how she works day in and day out.

Her daily work begins at 5.30 or when her alarm clock buzzes. She wakes up and went straight to the kitchen preparing breakfast for Amalia and me. Usually it consists of toasts, fried eggs and fruit juice, usually either green or pink guava and rarely tea or orange juice. Breakfast is usually heavier during weekends where she usually prepares things fried noodles, fried rice or grated coconut pancake specially for me.

Then she takes a bath and performs the dawn prayers. After prayers, she collected dirty clothes and wash them, luckily there is such thing called washing machine.

While the machine is doing its job, she sweeps the floor and rearranges the sofa. She really hates rubbish and disorderly.

Then she collects mugs, cups and dirty dishes left on the dining table and sometimes by the sofa usually left by my children and whoelse if not me.

Sometimes I do help washing dirty dishes, cups and mugs, but it is not that often. I often use the excuse of "I'm already dressed for work and my shirt will be wet..."

Then she sees Amalia and me off to school and work.

When she is all alone in the house her works continues. Dusting her flowers, rearranging our internal deco and so on. Sometimes she rearranges the entire living hall by herself. She is so particular how her living hall looks like.

Then only she sits on the sofa and enjoys her tv, that too for only a short period of time.

Then there are bathrooms (two of them) to clean, flowers to water and so on and so forth.

At eleven she starts preparing lunch. She is such an excellent cook that our children always miss home-cooked meals whenever they are away. This is very true, she is a very good chef, preparing so many dishes at one go. No wonder she gets things done in no time.

She always tells me that it would be good for a change if someone cooks for her instead. She said that food prepared by someone else always tastes better than those self-prepared.


Al-Manar said...

Nature Lover
I hope this is not the first time you wonder how a housewife manages her days, every day of the week, of the month and of the number of years she has been with you, faithful and all. Welcome to the golden age of retirement. Then She will have an assiatant for once.You can tell her,"Call my name and I will be there."

azahar said...

No, it is not my first time. I always recognize and appreciate her works and sacrifice...without her I don't know what I'll do...