Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Why is it that Malay girls are so very easily swept off their feet by Lombok men?

Are Lombok guys that charming or they have something extra in their sleeves that make Malay girls fall madly in love with them and dare to face the turbulent sea, the long walk home and the for-sure hardlife they have to undergo in Lombok?

They do that just for love?

Recently a girl told the press that in all her stay in Lombok, all that she ate was veges and rice and there was no chicken for her. Her children never wore shoes!

But it is still happening to our girls, despite of the sad stories told by the victims.

Why? There must be a reason...

Then there are also cases of senior ladies with good jobs too, falling in love and later being conned a lot of money by the so-called Pak Itam (Black uncles).

A 50+-year-old lady was conned RM600,000 by an African man, just like that.

Why are these women so easily cheated by irresponsible men?

I remember when I was in UPM long time ago. I have met many female students going steady with males whom everybody knew were playboys or cassanovas.

They went on with their relationship despite advice from those of us who knew.

They never heeded our advice. They only cried after their boy-friends left them for younger dames!

Nowadays, what alarms me is that many secondary school girls have the perception that there is something wrong with them if they still do not have a boyfriend! For them getting a boyfriend is everything and they have to go all out to find one. Finding and getting hooked to someone, does not matter what kind of a boy he is, is all that matters.

That is why I always ask myself why that girl goes on steady with that so-and-so boy?

Parents please take heed of your children, daughters especially. Love them aand show them that you love them physically and mentally. Give them a hug and praise them whenever they deserve it. Then only they will feel loved and do not go out looking for someone to love when it is not time for them to love somebody besides their parents and siblings!

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