Monday, April 26, 2010


The great Amazon river is always full of mysteries. It has always been and still is my great wish to go there one day and explore its vastness and depth and know more of its denizens, especially the strange ones, like the Candirus, Piranhas and the Piraiba.

Most of us already know about the much-exaggerated razor-teethed flesh eaters, the Piranhas. But very few know about the other more unimaginable flesh eaters of the Amazon, the Candiru.

Candiru, physically is not an eye-catching catfish like the piranhas. But never let its physique fools you. It is the most viscious flesh-eaters around the great river.

It is just around 6-8 inches in length, but it is known to eat flesh and internal organs of man and animals alike from inside out.

With its sharp teeth, it bores into man and animal's body, forming holes just like those of bullet-riddled bodies, and starts eating the meat and organs of its victims inside out leaving only a little of skin at the end of it all!

A doctor in Brazil has reported finding more than a hundred Candirus in a body she autopsied!

Then there is another small catfish species that like to enter man's body through his urethra. Can you imagine how painful that must be!

Amazon also harbours catfishes that has voracious appetite that they swallow everything they find, even preys that are mush larger than them.

Piraiba, the growling giant catfish is one example. It has been found to have swallowed a man alive!

The Amazon, just be careful whenever you have the great urge to explore and swim in it. You never know what is lurking in its murky deep water!

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