Monday, April 5, 2010


It is always irritating and sometimes annoying for me to see rubbish (mostly man-made) appearing after each grass-mowing exercise along roadways.

One particular stretch of road that I am talking about is the Cherating-Kuantan road in front of MARDI Station.

Plastic bottles, plastic wrappers and other what-nots are seen strewn along the roadsides after the grass was mown. "Where did all these rubbish come from? Surely they do not just appear on their own!"

There is no night market on that stretch of road as far as I know. The rubbish must have come from somewhere. Where from? They must have been thrown from vehicles passing along the road!

Some irresponsible drivers or passengers must have simply thrown away their rubbish through their vehicles' windows.

The workers given the responsibility to cut the grass are also to blame for letting this problem continue. They could have easily plastic-bagged the rubbish together with the mown grass after each grass mowing session. But they chose to let the rubbish remained where they were, along the roadsides.

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