Friday, April 2, 2010


Dog and cat lovers please take heed. Deworm your pets regularly as prescribed by your veterinarian.

Worm infested cats and dogs may get you and your family members (especially your children) into a big trouble.

They may get what the doctors term as Visceral larval migrans or toxocariasis.

Embryonated worm eggs may contaminate your house or your house compound if your dogs and cats harbour either Toxoacara canis (dog) or Toxocara cati(cat).

If these eggs get into your digestive system, they will hatch into larvae. These larvae will then bore their way through your intestines and get into the blood and go straight to your liver.

Some may get trapped in your liver while others may continue their journey to the lungs and circulatory system.

Finally they may reach virtually all organs such as liver, lung, eye, herat and brain!

The problem is that these larvae will never become adults but continue roaming inside you causing much damage and you may be killed if the dose is high enough!

That is why I am terribly angry with dog owners who while walking their dogs, just casually see their dogs doing their things on the roadsides, on the field and on public places without any feeling of guilt.

They are actually polluting the soil with these worm eggs! What they should do is carry a plastic bad with them and scoop up their dog's poops and drop it into rubbish bins.

By doing so the life cycle of the worm is broken off and other innocent people are spared from the very painful if not fatal disease!


Martin Lee said...


The awareness of this should be made known to the public. Not many people knows about this kind of worms, and the terrible and damaging effect to the health of a person.

If you do not mention about it, I myself do not know the seriousness of the worms. They may just think that it is just a simple phobia for having dogs to stray around near a Muslim area or compound

azahar said...

People should know their responsibility as soon as they decided to keep animals as pets.

Nowadays, as human and animal populations get closer to each other, there are many animal diseases that jump into human population.

Strict personal hygiene should always be practised whenever handling animals.