Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It has been a frantic and anxious period of time for Diyana. So much incidents happened to her car that she is seriously contemplating of moving back to Putrajaya.

First incident - Raju, a taxi driver rammed her car just before she got into a parking space near Petronas twin tower and damaging her door and rim. To make things worst she could not claim from his insurance as a public transport is not mandatory to pay out in case of road accident (I'm not very sure of this fact).

As her car was still driveable she used it for a couple of days before sending it to the workshop.

Then the second incident happened - she ran over a piece of metal on the busy Ampang road causing her tyre to rupture and damage the engine cover as well.

For the first accident, her insurance company has to pay RM5000 for replacing the door and other damages and for the second one she had to dig out another RM1,300. That does not include a spare tyre which she has not bought yet.

Then this morning the third and most irritating incident happened to her car. Two of her tyres had been intentionally deflated by a very angry but irresponsible man.

An aunt told her that at 4.00 in the morning a soldier was very angry after finding that Diyana's car was blocking his car. Actually it was a normal practice for the flat's residents to doublepark at night for lack of parking space.

Adding salt to the wound, Syafiq blamed Diyana for the incident. She of course did not like it and as usual they quarrelled over the matter.

I told her to remain calm and think it over carefully before making the decision.

All in all it has been a frantic and anxious moments for Diyana in her new residence.