Friday, April 9, 2010


It is true what they say: You long for something that you don't have and become bored easily with it once you get it.

No, I am not talking about my wife.

They are the beards, moustaches and other facial hair that I am talking about.

Remember Bon hair cream? Yes, that brownish hair cream that was supposed to propagate facial hair growth.

I remember almost every night, just before going to sleep, I shave all my children's facial hair (bulu roma) on my cheeks, on my chin and up my upper lip and then applied a lavish more-than-enough Bon hair cream.

Back then we all were impressed and attracted to Jason King's bell-bottom side burns.

It worked, at lest for me. My facial began to become more dense and the individual hair also thickened and lengthened.

Not long after that I had a reasonable side burn.

Much later I began to have more beard, moustaches and facial hair. Now, when I shave in the morning they all will grow back in the afternoon. So much fuss.

Sometimes it bleeds, especially up my chin below my lower lip. That area is somewhat more delicate and more prone to cuts.

All black facial hair is fine, but now it is becoming more grey than black. That's what they say a sign of age and wisdom.

But, I do not know whether it is only just my perseption or not, people tend to relate keeping of beards with some group of people or some political party.

Aha! He keeps a beard, he is a PAS member. That was the thing with some people. That is why I noticed that not many senior government official sport a beard.

It is unfair. Keeping beard is a sunnah. Prophet Muhammad pbuh himself sported a beard. Of course you have to keep it well trimmed and combed at all times.

I have a thick facial hair, so I want to keep it. Others who have a one-mile-apart telephole-line-like beard or moustache, it will be best if they just shave it off. They will look handsome without the three.

But for us with heavy facial hair growth, just keep it. You will look more matured with them around. And don't forget the bidadari hanging on to your beard!

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