Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Just walk to any place where people gather, be it picnic spots, night markets, empty spaces where functions were held the night before, beaches, islands and even all the way up to the mountains, we will see garbage strewn everywhere by Malaysians.

Most of these garbage, most often than not, is made up of non-biodegradeable materials, plastics mostly.

Most shops, from small food stalls right up to Hypermarkets, they all use the multi-coloured plastic bag (plastik sosek as we call them) or polystyrene packages to place goods sold.

These plastics and polystyrene materials will not only remain as an eyesore when they are left lying around places, but more important than that, they will pollute the earth and they will take a very very long time to decompose (or will they ever decompose unaided?).

Why not all of us emulate the Westerners who usually use the familiar brown paper bag to carry things in?

Paper should come from paper recycling or made from other fibres and never from timber!

Last night I saw milk processing joint in UK using the very eco-friendly bio-degradeable material as their milk bottles.

Why not we do the same? Use more bio-degradeable materials for packing our things!

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Martin Lee said...

Wait till you go to the beaches in Pantai Mak Nik and Chendor, plastic bottles, and plastic bags are strewn everywhere. I wonder why DBK could not send someone to clean up the beaches more frequently! What a shame to our beautiful beaches!

I complained this to one of the local folks , he told me it was due to the flood during those rainy season that all these wastes were flushed down to the river mouth and subsequently ended up in the beaches!