Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"Here it goes again. Lecturers are talking bad about me skipping classes despite of the letter from Perak Sports Council telling them that I'm on Perak's Sukma rugby team," lamented Syazwan, our rugby-playing son.

"I'm treated just like a school boy..." Syazwan continued.

That is what happening to sports in schools and even in Institutions of higher learning. Not many appreciated students who are busy with sports. They give so much emphasis on academics that they only see the bad things about sports.

Syazwan and his gang were treated badly when they were in school and from the way things are going, he is also receiving the same treatment in UITM.

If this negative things is allowed to continue, never expect sports to progress much in Malaysia. The great hope of seeing our nation becoming a world power in rugby, football, etc will just be a dream.

What teachers and lecturers should do instead, is give all the support they can give to students who are busy with their training session. Excuse them from some of the lecture sessions and instead, give them all the support to get back all the missed lectures.

Students' performance in exams and in life, is never correlated with the amount of lectures missed or attended. I have personally met a university student who never attended his first two years but yet scored so well in the final exams!

I have also met school children who have never attended school at all but still scored so many A's in SPM!

SDAR, my alma mater, is one school that I know of, that never treat her students who are active in sports like above. School sportsman are treated in the way they deserve...best food and ample encouragement from teachers and students alike.

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Martin Lee said...

I totally agree with you! No one thinks that sport is important and that is the mentality here in general!

Sport is a very important aspect of life and students should get marks and merits for such extra-curriculam activities!