Thursday, April 29, 2010


In the midst of baby disposals and illicit sex, I think the often-abused word 'LOVE' should be redefined. LOVE should be looked at from the perspectives of Islam and our culture, not as portrayed by films and songs.

It is the phrase like 'Make love' that corrupts the minds of our people, not only our teenagers but also some adults.

Love is not only the physical act of sexual intercourse as meant by them.

Love is much more than that. It includes emotions, relationship, communication, pity, empathy, etc etc

The physical sexual conduct should, I repeat, should only be confined to married couples. Period.

Unmarried man and woman, boy and girl should never attempt to near the act, let alone get themselves entangled in illicit sex and later unwanted pregancy and abortion or baby disposal.

Our daughters or perhaps even oyr son, should always be reminded to respect their body. Never let anyone, I mean anyone, touch, caress or get near any part of their body.

Giving in your crown to someone who confesses that he loves you is plain stupid. No one who really loves someone will spoil her...what more in their first dating.

Dating has never been our culture, and I for one believes that it should not be encouraged. It is sad to see parents proudly show off their dating children.

I don't mind being labelled as being conservative and out-dated. What is the use of being modern when humanity is downgraded, lower than the animals.

Animals never perform sexual act just for the pleasure of it. They do it to propagate their genes and to enforce this, mothers will chase away their sons who have come to age from the family.

So please, erase the old definition of LOVE that you have deeply stored in your grey matter. LOVE is not that. LOVE is much more than that!


Wan Sharif said...

Interesting input..
Specifically, the Quran does not say "Don't commit illicit sex.." It says "do not go near illicit sex" as(La taqrabazzina..).
Then there are wise people who categorise (illicit sex) into 6 or 7 categories, just to tell us how serious is illicit sex.
May Allah protect us all from illicit sex.

azahar said...

"Don't go near illicit sex (zina)" then human's purity will be maintained.