Monday, April 12, 2010


How could a big brother (just came back from doing his Umrah) loathed his kid brother so much that he abruptly walked away from a food joint when his kid brother walked in as if he was scared of catching something from him.

Everybody noticed his incorrigible act, even his kid's brother's friend, the lorry driver.

We all knew that his kid brother had once made a big mistake with his life, but now he is a much-changed man. He had taken care of their mother and father very well. I guess nobody else woould be able to do what he had done to his parents!

When his eldest daughter chose a man as her husband, he declared war with both of them. Everybody that had anything to do with them two were taken as his enemies, even his very own father!

The man his daughter had chosen was ok from every aspect. It was just that his parent's house was a bit small and he too looked very simple. Actually who did he thinks he was to rule out the man like that?

Now, after two beautiful babies later, he still could not forgive his son-in-law for marrying his daughter. His anger even metastasise to his grandchildren. They never experienced a grandfather's touch, let alone his love!

He is so short sighted, enveloped in his own world and never exposed to the real world. Well, I never blame him alone for wht he has done. His wife is to blame for her continuous lighting of the fire through her twists and turns.

Imagine, an incident where they came charging to my house near dusk prayer's time trying to prove a point that she was not the one distributing the stories. They came in just like that, not even giving salam to the hosts.

Syazwan, trying his very best not to be rude, said," I'm not trying to be rude, but why coming to people's house at maghrib, without even a salam. Why not sit down calmly and let's discuss things properly, instead of shouting..."

She, as usual, turned the story around telling people that my family did not even invite them in and our children were so rude to them. Who came charging to our house?

Luckily Syafiq was not in. If not, they would know what being rude was like.

We never taught our children to be rude, but don't tell me that they will just sit there doing nothing when their mother was attacked like that!

One of their daughters had once referred to her aunties (my wife including) as mad. Many heard her words and since then never forgave her for uttering the word.

Please, for goodness sake, look into you, your wife and your children for once. Do not just look and only see bad in other people.

Your kid brother is now a part of our family. When you do something unfit for a big brother to do onto him, you are hurting us to.

Your bragging words of not wanting any of your kid brothers and sisters to know of your demise were just unacceptable. They were outright boastful and arrogant, man.

Nobody can survive alone in this world. Your present health also is not that robust any more....You may one day fall and who is going to look after you then? I will not be surprised if your kid brother who you hate so much will do it!

Please forgive and forget and move on with the remaining years of our life.


Martin Lee said...

In this world, there are all kinds of people. Sometimes we think that certain things we will never do as a human yet someone else had done it! Imagine someone could even rape their own daughters!

Certain people no matter how hard you want to mend the relationship, they just refuse. We do not treat these people as enemies but just ignore them. Life is so short and we just could not be bothered with them!

Wan Sharif said...

Do remember..silaturRahmi.
"threads of womb"? try not to sever those threads.. Ignore them if you have to.. there bound to be a bad coconut in "setandan kelapa".
Their bad treatment of people, their bad behaviour should not influence us to "emulate" or follow..

azahar said...

Wan Sharif,

The problem is they twist and turn stories and most often make us look bad, the culprit. They listen to no one. They think only them are the right ones!