Monday, April 5, 2010


Let's do some simple arithmetics:

I year has:

12 months

52 weeks

365 days

8760 hours

525600 minutes

315360000 seconds

How long do we live? Many say between 60-70

How old are we now? Let's say 50 years old.

Let's see what have we done with our 50 years:

SLEEP - 18250 X 8 hours = 1460000 hours or 16 years 7 months...round it to 17 years

DAY ACTIVITIES - 18250 X 12 hours = 219,000 hours = 25 years

REST - 18250 X 4 hours = 73,000 hours = 8 years

Are we ready for the DAY? The DAY where everything will be counted...the DAY where our mouth do not say anything...instead, our eyes, ears, hands, feet, etc etc will do the talking in front of ALLAH...

OUR LIFE, what have we filled it with?

OUR MONEY & PROPERTIES, what have we spent them on?

OUR KNOWLEDGE, what have we done with it?

Have we been worth all the blessings that we have received from HIM?

Are we worth the HEAVEN?

Why should we be spared from HELL?

Let us all think about this very serious issue.

Our life is never meant to be wasted just like that.

We have to live as we are expected of. We are here for a reason.


Wan Sharif said...

We do our level best at being the servant (ILLA LI'A3BUDUUN).. It is not because of our amal that we go to heaven.. it is HIS blessing.. So other than doing the amal.. we have to try get His blessing...Salam

azahar said...

without enough amal how can we ever hope to have his blessings? Prophet Muhammad pbuh performed amal even he has been assured of heaven!