Thursday, January 22, 2009


Wahid did it. He won the P036 by-election with a handsome margin.

Looking at the tremendous support given to Wan Farid, both by the big guns and wide coverage both by the electronic and print media, and also the showering of development allocations and other what-nots, who would have thought that Wahid would win.

Both are personal friends of mine. Wahid was my classmate when we were doing Diploma Fishery in UPM way back in 1975. I was promoted to degree course and he continued and finished his Diploma.

Wan Farid on the other hand, my wife was a colleague of his mother and Wan Hisham, his brother, was my junior in SDAR.

During a coffee break a few days before the election, Pahang SS did ask me who in my opinion would win the election. I candidly said that Wahid would win. It was not that I was being political, but it was just that Wahid was more popular and well-liked by KT people.

The ferocious campaigning might in itself be the main factor for the result. People were fed-up with all that happened during the campaign period.

Things have changed. Development could no longer be used as a campaigning tool. It was no more effective in this ICT era. It is expected of the ruling government to bring development to the people.

People want an MP who is people-centric, ready to serve and down-to-earth.

Congratulation Wahid!

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