Thursday, January 8, 2009


Despite of tigers, pangolins, sumatran rhinos, monitor lizards and phytons being poached and smuggled out, there are still many wildlife species flying freely around us.

All it takes is a minute or two of our precious time to observe them in their natural habitat. Only then you will appreciate what nature has to offer.

First, the hornbills. Many will think that they are only found in our jungles. You are wrong. They are every where now. I am surprised how they manage to adopt and adapt to our environment.

I saw a few pairs (they pair for life these birds) flying around peacefully right in the middle of Kuantan! They seem oblivious to the busy traffic below. Perhaps they know that us human do not bother about their presence.

We should learn from them. They are loyal to each other. The female lays eggs in holes in tree trunk. While incubating the eggs till the chicks are big enough to fend for themselves, she is locked in the nesting hole by the male with mud wall with hole big only for him to feed her and the youngs.

All throughout, it is him who does the search for food!

Next come the cute and delicious pink-necked pigeons. They are what their names describe - self-explanatory.

They are in reality not-too-distant cousin of our domestic pigeons. Even right in the centre of Kuantan, they could be found flocking in fruiting trees.

Nobody seem to care for their presence. Quite to the contrary, when I was small they were gunned down by hunters as they flew home by the hundreds at near sunset.

I remember I was always there collecting the fallen pigeons with a reward of 20 cents per bird safely returned.

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