Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Leaves and young seeds

Have you ever had Gnetum chips for tea? They are really crispy with a slightly bitter taste.
Gnetum is also called Nninja (Terengganu speak), Melinjao or Belinjo (Javanese).

Making gnetum chips is an important small industry in Terengganu. The mature seeds (normally orange to red) are dehusked and roasted over an open fire. When the kernel is cooked (you can tell be the aroma and the slightly burnt hard shell) it is mashed and made into small flat cake - chip. The chips are then sun dried and they are ready for sale.

The chips are fried in oil and served hot. I am still trying to take a picture of it later.

The shoot and young inflorescence are boiled or braised and flavoured with coconut milk. They made delicious and nutritious recipe.

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