Tuesday, January 6, 2009


When a crocodile devoured a man, there will be a massive hunt for that so-called 'evil' man-eater and in our over-zealousness, many innocent crocs are killed for nothing.

When a tiger mauled a man, there will be an automatic hunting party organized by man to hunt down, again, the so-called 'evil' tiger.

When a herd of elephants grazed and destroyed acres of oil palm plantation or banana trees, plantation owners and politicians included will run here and there forcing the relevant authorities to take action.

But, when careless drivers and riders cause thousands (if my fact is right, about 5,000 people die yearly due to road accidents in Malaysia) of people to lose their lives and disable many more, many people are either quiet or start pointing fingers to other things besides themselves.

Why is it in this case, they don't go around hunting the real culprits? Or why don't they hunt down the cars so that there will be no more unnecessary deaths?

Crocodiles and tigers, they kill for food. Elephants destroy plantation also for food. Why? Because it is us who destroy the forests and pollute rivers where they obtain their food.

Man kill millions of animals in the like chickens, ducks, birds, cattle, goat, sheep, camel, fish, prawn, crabs, bivalves daily, not only to eat to survive but to show off their wealth and end up obese and suffering from diseases.

Can you imagine how much good food we waste everyday at buffet tables and in our homes and whereas millions of peole starving and malnourished in Africa?

Farmers in developed countries feed their cattle in feedlots with grains (instead of grass) so that they (the animals) will grow fast and tender. Don't tell me that they don't know that those grains are staple diets of millions of hungry people?

Just you all think about these few points as food for thought in the first week of 2009. Don't you all become overnight vegetarian for this, just don't react but think before you react.

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