Friday, January 23, 2009


Parents, without them we wouldn't be here. Without their tender loving care we won't be who we are now.

Imagine how a mother has to bear the uncomfort and the pains of pregnancy and child birth, the sleepless nights feeding and changing our diapers when we were babies and continuous worrying about your safety and success in life...

A father, breaking his back to make ends meet to make sure that we have food, we grow healthy and we could get good education.

Cannot imagine how children could chase their parents out of their house, how they could neglect and make maids out of their parents...

Remember, we are not supposed to utter ugh to our parents, let alone shout at them! We are asked to take care and be good to them all the time, more so when they are old and frail.

There are so many stories of how God punish children who did bad to their parents right away in this life. Remember a pious man unable to say his sahadah just because he favoured his wife over his mother?

Also please remember, be good to your parents and your children will do good to you later. Life is a cycle, so they say.

In the Holy Quran, God command us to be good to our parents just after his command to serve Him. That is how God emphasize the importance of taking care of our parents.

A friend of the Prophet once told that he had done serious sins in his life and asked the Prophet how he could repent. Prophet Muhammad asked: Do you still have a mother and a father?
He said no, his parents had passed away. Then the Prophet said be good and take good care of your aunts (mother's side).

Taking care of parents will cancel out sins, even big ones. Ask ourselves, when was the last time you ask forgiveness from your parents? When was the last time you last visit your parents? If you cannot remember when, then the best thing to do is pack up and go home!

A mother will always forgive her children!

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