Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Since they unceremoniously cheated and robbed their land in 1946, the Israelian zionists have butchered the Palestinians, women, children and civilians.

The world just watch. The oil-rich Arab brother countries also just watch or at the most talk only (except for the 1967 war).

The puppet UN Security Council made resolutions after resolutions...but they all remained just words on paper. Israel, the illegitimate son of Britain and adopted son of US is still free to do things with the Palestinians.

We don't negotiate and have treaties with the God-condemned people. They are not the people to trust with anything, let alone our lives! Remember, they even murdered their own Prophet.

Waste no more time on talks...let the sword or guns do the talking for once.

Trust in God and move on...let there be another Saladdin out there amongst us..never let their might scare you...they know that if we were united and follow the teaching of ISLAM fully, we will be a force not to be taken lightly...

But if we went astray and have our chins tied to the infidels, then there is nothing more we can do except to face the wrath of God...

Come on, wake up brothers and sisters...don't let our brother Palestinians fight alone...There was this story of a Muslim Mother who sent words to The Caliph asking him for help when she was laughed at by an infidel King and his followers when her skirt was blown up by the wind revealing her aurat...The Caliph answered her plea and sent her an army to teach the rude King a lesson he won't forget!

We (Muslim countries) all should be ashamed of ourselves to let Israel butchered our brothers and sisters in Palestinian and did nothing about it!

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