Thursday, January 29, 2009


When two ex-Sdarians (we prefer the word Sdara as our motto is once a Sdarian always a Sdarian) meet, irrespective of class or batch, they will usually end up talking, not about business but about the past, about their years in SDAR.

Sdara's wives often find out that they are usually left out in the long, continuous reminiscing. Once beaten twice shy, many of them prefer not to attend Sdara gathering.

SDAR is one of the earliest boarding schools in Malaysia. Together with STAR, her cousin in Ipoh, in her early days she received selected students from Malay medium primary schools. We had to undergo a year of Remove class back then.

STF is her other cousin, but of course, her girl cousin.

Sdaras are close irrespective of the year they were from.
We are nostalgic and sentimental lots as far as our school is concerned. So much so that we are rather skeptical about the present principal. Is he really capable of leading SDAR to glory? There are talks about recruiting a Sdara as the principal.

Yesterday as I was driving home from work, I received a call from Madollah, my senior. He was almost in Chukai then and was looking for a good keropok lekor outlet. I told him try those in Kuala Kemaman.

He kept on contacting me for directions. Most stalls were already out of keropok for the day. I told him to stop somewhere so that we could meet.

He stopped at Geliga express bus station. I drove fast and made it just before he arrived at the rendesvous.
We met, talked and I asked him to drop by my house. He declined saying that I was tired.

He was travelling with his wife and two daughters.

We were glad that we met. I told him that next time when he was in Chukai, please give me a call and drop by my house.

After about 15 minutes of chat we said goodbye and he drove off to Kuantan. In Kuantan he planned to meet Mokhtar Hussain, another Sdara.

Why are we so close? We grew up together, mostly on our own. We shared our problems, and of course, the parcels of goodies that our parents posted.

For most of us, our parents never visited us for the entire 5 - 8 years of our stay in SDAR! For a few, they did not even receive any letter from home.

I did not blame our parents. They were not so blessed with financial and worldly materials as us now. For that, we were so independent, right from our early years.

Just received an email saying that a Sdara by the name of Mohd Hanip was hospitalized in Kemaman hospital. I plan to visit him today, or the latest tomorrow!

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